AU Is Ranked in the Top-15 List of 2018 Red Dot Design Award Winners in Asia.

The 2018 Red Dot Award Report shows that AU is listed in the top-15 award-winning universities in Asia (No.11 in Asia and No.1 of private universities in Taiwan).

In the 2018 Red Dot Award Report, AU is listed in the top 15 award-winning universities in Asia. Being ranked No.11 in Asia, AU is the No. 1 best private university in Taiwan.

In the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen report, the Red Dot Best of the Best Award wins 150 points and each of the other Red Dot Awards wins 100 points. In 2015, AU was listed in the top 15 award-winning universities in Asia for the first time. Specifically, being ranked No.13 in Asia, AU was the No. 3 best private university in Taiwan in that year.

In the recent 8 years, a total of 74 artworks from AU have been granted Red Dot Awards, among which 14 won the Best of the Best Awards. And in these 14 works, a total of 8 ones won the Red Dot Concept Design Awards.

In the 2018 Red Dot Award report, 9 artworks from 21 students of the Visual Communication Design (VCD) Dept. and the Commercial Design (CDD) Dept. of AU have entered the winner list. Two of them, entitled “The Voice of Life” and “Mist Net,” win the “Best of the Best” and the “Design Concept” Awards, respectively. The latter artwork as shown in the figure won in addition two other gold medals in the 2017 Seoul International Invention Fair and the 2018 Malaysia International Invention Innovation & Technology Exhibition.

Students Zong-Hua Wu et al. from the Creative Product Design Department at AU win a 2018 RedDot Concept Design Award with a work entitled “Mist Net.”


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